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A Collection of Riddles For Your D&D Game

What is greater than Bahamut.

Meaner than a horned devil.

The poor have it the Nobels need it.

Eat it and you shall die.

Answer: Nothing

A thousand guards protect this golden hoard,

Each one is armed with a single sword;

There's just one door, so you need be discreet,

But the reward - oh the reward - will be ever so sweet.

Answer: Honey

"I don’t have eyes,

But once I did see.

I once had thoughts,

Now white and empty."

Answer: A Skull

A handful of the future and a handful of the past

Share a narrow door through which they clasp

One gives of itself and the other takes it all

And the turns of fate bring about their fall

Answer: An Hourglass

What room has no walls, doors, ceiling, windows, or floors?

Answer: A Mushroom

Bright as diamonds,

Loud as thunder,

Never still,

A thing of wonder.

Answer: A Waterfall

What always runs but never walks.

Often murmurs, never talks.

Has a bed but never sleeps.

An open mouth that never eats?

Answer: A River

My life is measured in hours,

I only serve to be devoured.

Slim, I am quick.

Fat, I am slow.

A wicked wind my foe.

Answer: A Candle

Let me fall, I'm sure to crack,

Smile and I'll smile back.

Answer: A Mirror

Having father and mother,

Yet no one's son,

A sibling, perhaps,

but brother to none.

Answer: A Daughter

I am born in fear,

raised in truth,

and I come to my own in deed.

When comes a time that I’m called forth,

I come to serve the cause of need.

Answer: Courage

Often held but never touched,

always wet but never rusts,

often bites but seldom bit,

to use me well you must have wit.

Answer: Tongue

Man walks over, man drifts under,

in times of war he burns asunder.

Answer: A Bridge

You saw me where I never was and where I could not be.

And yet within that very place, my face you often see.

Answer: Your Reflection

Clad in mail and never clinking,

Never thirsty, ever drinking,

Alive without a single breath,

Catch me, I am cold as death.

Answer: Fish

The more you take,

The more you leave behind.

Answer: Footsteps

It has six legs but walks on only four.

Answer: A horse and rider.

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