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Surprisingly Good Homebrewed Magic Items

Mark Davis recently asked members of Dungeon Master Resources to tell us all about a single magic item that we won't find in any published material. Below are a few of the best ones and you can see all the responses here.

Bag of silence

1d4 balls inside that when thrown cast the silence spell on the area where it lands. -Zach W.

Green Pearls

I gave my players an item called ‘green pearls’ yesterday. They’re pearls cultivated by special clams that are only found in the elemental plane of air. Basically what they do is allow the players to use the ‘water breathing’ spell, but it’s slightly different. This pearl lasts 24 hours max but then has to ‘recharge’ in normal air for as long as it was used/the air in it was consumed. So if you use it for eight hours but only charge it for four, the pearl then only lasts 20 hours and not 24 until it’s fully restored. -Makenzie C.

Accoutrement of Avarice

As a reaction, you flash this gaudy bauble at a creature you can see within 30 ft. It must succeed a CHA Saving Throw (DC14) or have its initiative set to 1 until the start of the next round. This property can only be used once per long rest and does not affect creatures with Intelligence scores less than 6. -Keaton W.

Flail of Holy Water.

Round head mostly smooth with 5 thumb size indents spaced evenly.

3 times a day plus once per 5 levels, creature struck by the flail is also doused with holy water.

Cleric (good alignment) and Paladin only. -Chris J.

Ring of Inventory Access:

A small silvery band that’s nearly invisible, the attuned wearer may teleport any item from their hands to their inventory, and vice versa as a free action. If making a ranged or thrown attack you can summon the ammo/weapon as part of the attack. You may try to teleport an item that is worn or held by another creature by making a contested Sleight of hand vs Athletics roll -Noah R.


+1 dagger when thrown 2 ice daggers split attacking the same creature or two others as cold damage.

Wielder is resistant to cold and can withstand up to -50 degrees -Michael K.

Adventure Rays

I designed these but I actually talked my DM I'm playing under into letting me play test them in his world. Sunglasses that grant the user darkvision and gaze reflection.` -James E.



It is wise, intelligent, calculated, hates dragons, and is

a moody jerk.

Chaotic Good

Int 17, Wis 15, Cha 4


+5 Large Adamantine & Dragonbone Greatsword w/ Thunderstorm

3d6 19-20x3 1d6 lightning and 1d6 thunder.

It has a 10ft reach and is deadly within 5ft, as well.


*Kelthurax has a number of powerful abilities, but such

abilities require a certain amount of energy. As you use

Kelthurax's abilities, it begins to "tire", therefore

Kelthurax has a set number of charges a day. The number of

charges are equal to twice your character level. So a level

10 character will have 20 charges, etc.

Sweep Attack:

*This uses no charges, as it takes advantage of Kelthurax's

large reach.

Your attack also hits the creature(s) in the spaces on

either side of your target.

Arcing Slash:

*Takes 1 daily charge to perform.

You can apply 2d6 lightning and 2d6 thunder damage to your

attack instead of the usual 1d6 lightning and 1d6 thunder.

Kord's Unyielding:

*Takes 2 daily charges to perform, can only be declared

once per battle up to as many times as the character has

attacks in one round.

Heals 3d6 plus target's Con modifier for each successful


Storm of Ruin:

*Takes 5 daily charges to perform.

You must take a standard action to speak the words of

power to activate this effect. Upon your next round, you

may cast 3 lightning bolts of 4d6 damage upon any target

you choose as a free action for the next 1d4 rounds.

Thunderous Cleave:

(Sweep attack does not apply to this)

*Takes 10 daily charges to perform.

Takes one full round to charge, movement speed halved and

you remain flat-footed during the charge.

Next round you unleash one attack based on your highest atk

bonus. It deals your level plus your strength modifier in

d6 weapon damage, and half this number (round down) in d6

lightning and thunder damage.

(For example, a level 10 character with a 5 strength

modifier will deal 15d6 in weapon damage and 7d6 in

lightning and 7d6 in thunder damage)

The lightning and thunder damage will also affect anyone

within 5 feet of the struck blow.

You will remain flat-footed until your next turn.”

“Made this for one of my players. It was a sword made for one of the champions of Kord. It was for an epic level campaign in 3.5 with all the expanded books. That's why it's so overpowered. There were two other weapons that were similar for my other two players.

-Aaron R.B.

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