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"How do I get to...?"

What the heck are urban directions? Well, when I run D&D campaigns as the dungeon master, I always find that player characters will ask a random npc how to get to this or that. Normally I say something like "She tells you how to get there" which is a cop out. Coming up with city street names and such is too hard. So I made this direction generator to add some authenticity.

Now, when a player asks how to get to the Adventurer's Guild, you can tell them... There is no such thing as an Adventurer's Guild! Even if adventuring was a legitimate profession, they certainly wouldn't make a guild! You git! I'm sorry I cannot go into that dungeon because I'm only an apprentice adventurer.


However, when a player asks the innkeeper how to get to the college of wizardry, you can give them step by step directions. Each leg of that journey is ripe with opportunities to run afoul of one local or another.