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"Your magical melee weapon is..."

How to use this random weapon generator: 1. Have the weapon type in mind. 2. Press the generate button. 3. Read it before you tell your players in case it contains information they would not be able to divine.

In most fantasy roleplaying games that I have played in, magical items are a fundamental component. The above random generator creates unique magical melee weapons. For example, if the characters were to discover a magic war hammer, they may then try to identify its magical properties through a spell or other divination. Then it falls upon you, the game master, to invent something clever on the spot. Unfortunately, we as people are terrible at being truly creative without the benefit of time. So, lean on this tool to do the creating for you.


I have given you two power levels of items. The first one, Standard Magic Weapon, will present your low level characters something suitable awesome. You can also use the Minor weapons to reward you high level characters' equipment list. The Legendary Magical Weapons are the kinds of items that become focal points of stories. They become synonymous with their legendary owners. 

Who makes these magical swords and maces? Powerful spell casters must spend a great deal of time and expense to craft such things. It is unlikely they would ever undertake such a feat lightly. Tyrants might demand it be done, like the building of a great pyramid. Or in an age of great peril perhaps the greatests priests of the church assemble to enact the ceremony that will result in a savior weapon. But in any case, such powerful weapons should not be handed out generously.