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"Is it locked?"

The above generator is for doors, chests, coffers, vaults, and anything else that can be opened and closed. It will provide you with a fun assortment of challenges for your clever dungeon delvers. 


Back in the old days when your riches needing securing, there weren't many options. You couldn't just buy a padlock because padlocks contain precisely crafted steel and brass parts that are tiny and impossible to craft with medieval tools. Medieval keys would have only two or three teeth unlike today's 7 to 12 teeth. And without springs to push the pins, they relied on gravity. In short, locks were easily defeated. So other methods evolved, that relied more on trickery than on a hunk of brass.

A thief's tool kit isn't always described in detail in games like D&D and other fantasy roleplaying games. Because not every lock uses a key, they need more than just lock picks. A good kit will include a hand drill, sturdy but bendable wire, corrosive acid, grease, clamps, pliers, a lode stone, and more. Sometimes a lock just needs someone good with riddles to defeat it. 

And then there are the traps. I have never seen the merit of a trap for traps sake. The options this random generator will provide assume that traps only go off when someone tries to hack the lock. It is another security feature, not a capricious punishment for whomever opens the door.