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"Excuse me, stranger, how do we get to...?"

Should you need a way to get from point A to point B without crossing a C or stopping for T, this random direction generator is your lifeline. Fantasy roleplaying games should include journey's overland and through dangerous places with whimsical names and filled with horrific monsters. Since the landscape in the average Game Master's mind is not nearly so fraught with dangers, it may serve to add to the one's mental atlas. Rather than saying 'go thatta way' you can say something that sounds profound and gives your players the illusion that you have spent many more hours in planning your campaign than you have. Let's face it you have better things to do than plot out the local terrain so that locals might give your players step by step directions to their next destination.

Travelling through ogre infested swamps may not be in your campaign planner so now it can be a surprise to both you and your players. You might also use this as a treasure map. Where do we find the hermit wizard's cave where the sword of the ages was last seen? Or, I pray to my god and ask for guidance on where to begin my atonement.