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"I swing my... nevermind, I rolled a 1."

How to use this random weapon fumble generator:  When a player or non-player character makes a fumble with a melee weapon, this can invent the outcome. Why are there Minor and Serious options? Something we like to do in our personal long-running rpg campaign, is to make a second roll when a fumble is made. This second roll includes all the bonuses that the player normally gets ( strength, magical, base attack, etc ). If that result is less than 10 (or another natural 1), it is a serious fumble. If it is over 10, we call is a minor fumble. And if it is over 20, we say it is simply a miss. This way, it scales with the characters' advancement.


In general, the results you will get from this random misery maker fall into these two categories: Minor results are designed to put the character at a disadvantage for just one round. Serious results are intended to put the character and/or their allies at a disadvantage for the remainder of the fight.

Additional info (and search engine fodder): A melee weapon is one that is held in the hand and thrust or swung into an enemy combatant. In most fantasy roleplaying games, a fumble ( or critical fumble ) happens when the attacking character rolls a 1 on a twenty-sided die ( duodecahedron ). The above generator provides thousands of potential melee weapon fumble results. This allows the game master (GM) or dungeon master (DM) to be less capricious when it comes to arbitrating the result of a fumble. The person running the fantasy roleplaying campaign already has too many things to worry about without inventing tragic or comedic fumble outcomes.