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"Is there anything shiny?"

Players can feel that a Dungeon Master is being arbitrary in the description of loot one finds. For example the wizard is quite sure that every chest should contain at least one spellbook and the paladin is disappointed every time a +5 holy avenger sword doesn't fall out of a monster's pocket. So use this generator and your players will never accuse you of slighting them again.

I have provided you with four categories of treasure. The first is Personal Loot. Personal loot is what the player characters find when they "loot the body." These few things can be found on the deceased in question, in addition to any weapons or armor they were described to have had.

The second category is called Small Chest. The small chest can be any small container such as saddlebags, a crypt, a foot locker, etc.

Large Chests can be vaults, wagons, or the loot of a rich man's home. 

The Treasure Hoard is very much as it sounds. It is piles and piles of treasures. This could be a dragon's hoard or what is recovered from sacking a town or conquering a castle.