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50 Rumors Overheard In A Tavern

The locals in the tavern always have some kind of gossip to spread. The following list of gems comes from the DMR Facebook group.

  1. I hear a group of goblins has been making illegal stops on the highway to the capitol. Saying they need “bridge tax”. They search carriages and end up stealing anything of value from helpless farmers and tradesmen. I wouldn’t go that way if I was you… unless you think you can take on 20 or so goblins!

  2. That bardic college up on the hill used to be an abbey. They built the Theatre right on top of the garden. I wonder what secrets might be hiding below that stage.

  3. There have been pirate raids on merchant's vessels, but the only cargo that was stolen is a medicine that heals disassociation and catatonia.

  4. The sorceress who runs the magic shop is on the run from another country. She was an accomplice in blowing up a church with a bad ex-boyfriend.

  5. The fighter who works at the sorceress’ shop easily buys enough food for six grown men when she buys groceries. But her appetite at meals is normal for her build. Is she feeding the wildlife?

  6. Acts of violence from religious extremists are on the rise. Some say they object to the city putting funding towards magical research.

  7. We don't use that graveyard anymore. Ever since the suicide and burial of the creepy old wizard, people have seen the dead congregate at his tomb. They never leave the graveyard and return to their freshly disturbed burial plots by morning.

  8. I swear to the Gods, every time we finish a building in this town, the land itself seems to shift and cause partial collapses.

  9. The Undead have really quieted down since the town agreed to inter all their dead in that new crypt. Has anyone ever seen the crypt keeper in the flesh? And are the Lepers that carry the dead there what they seem?

  10. Heard that a group of goblins called the Snapnecks were practicing their archery using a town's wall. Wonder if they're getting ready for something?

  11. Had another missing sailor reported. That's the thirteenth this month. What's going on in the Dock Ward?

  12. Another adventuring party went up the Whale Teeth fjord. Think this time they'll find the treasure? The last group's remnants washed up on the shore a tenday later. They weren't pretty...

  13. Another adventuring party went up the Whale Teeth fjord. Think this time they'll find the treasure? The last group's remnants washed up on the shore a tenday later. They weren't pretty...

  14. Word on the street is that changing your allegiance to Lord Gaius Collus could reduce your taxes by 15%. Their bureaucracy is so fast, it only takes a quarter-hour.

  15. Even though the death curse has been broken , their still parts of chult that still residual effects of the curse still , it must be looked into to prevent the second coming of curse or whatever that still waits us

  16. The monastery at the base of the mountain is protected by a dragon. Nobody's seen any dragons in over a millennia, but nobody dares look either.

  17. Rumors from over mountain are a group of silver dragons are going on a crusade, seems like there looking for adventurer's to join them....

  18. The traveling merchant, Pesteria Wimly told me that Lord Roark’s eldest son took off with the Queen’s hand maid. The houses may fight over such an affront to honor.

  19. I heard there's a neverending fire at a camp site where allot of people seem to be going missing.

  20. An old sentry has been waiting and guarding an entrance to somthing for 200 years.

  21. There'sh a rumour that a lone croshbowman ish hiding around an enemy encampment, abandoned by hish group and shniping anyone who triesh to find him. A real good shot he ish

  22. The old bell on the Aliang mountain monastery rang twice a few days ago, but supposedly there’s no one there.

  23. Heard there's some old wizard guy who's brewing something nasty. Town guard doesn't really wanna look into it, says their only responsibility is within city walls. I dunno, I can't help but feel like there's something horrible going on at that old wizard tower.

  24. Heard another merchant cart was attacked yesterday. This makes the 4th one in two weeks. Guards are at a loss for what's behind it and I dont blame them. I mean, what kind of beast kills the people and eats only their eyes?

  25. Heard there's a town up north where everyone wears a wolf tooth on a string around their neck. Some say it's a charm to keep the werewolves away. Some say they ARE the werewolves. Whatever the case, safe to say merchants and the like don't hang around long enough to find out.

  26. They say one night a month, a man stands at the end of the pier in a red cloak who will grant you a wish. If you can pay his price

  27. You didn't hear it from me, but I hear the Silver Baron is sending his tithe to the king this week. Traveling without livery, of course. Keep eyes out for the Elf with a Silver Hand, that's his scourge.

  28. Did you hear? The Duke has apparently died suddenly and there is currently an investigation and the Crown is asking The Adventurer's guild as a neutral party to oversee it!

  29. Why is the price going up for southern wine all of a sudden? I mean, it's good wine and all, but a shortage? Is it bandits? Fighting between the trading houses and the suppliers? Perhaps a sea monster?

  30. Did you hear about Old Man Henderson? Apparently he started chasing the children with his sword and a magical from his adventuring days screaming about little garden gnomes and trespassers on his lawn! Thankfully noone was hurt! Shame about that chicken though...

  31. You know the prince they sent in the castle nearby to keep watch over this quiet part of the realm? I don't know if he came up with this silly idea himself or got it from somewhere or someone - or maybe it's quietly been with him all along - but he keeps telling everyone he's "The One". Ridiculous, I know, and I would laugh too if he wasn't gathering an army and hiring mercenaries and commoners for auxiliaries.

  32. There is a strange white monolith in the desert. It's dangerous to get too close, because Bulletes lurk nearby. Some say the ivory spire moves positions depending when you look, and sometimes it's not there at all. Bah, probably just a mirage or the spotty recollections of delirious men.

  33. Local woman suddenly professed a new faith, claims she has been getting visions of a patron in her dreams. She seems more at peace now, but has started displaying strange new powers. Bess even swears she saw her sprout wings. Her village tried to burn her at the stake. Not only didn't this kill her, she seems to have absorbed it, and now it's almost as if fire bends to her will. She took up a sword and shield and left after that. Whatever, at least she's gone.

  34. They've been trying to cremate ol' Father Hansaan for three days so far.

  35. Rumor has it there is a land where orcs sleep in the ground with just the tips of their heads exposed. Woe to those who do not watch their step.

  36. Some say they hear screaming coming from the mountains while on the nearby trail, even animals have begun to steer clear of the area…. No idea what it could be, but it might have something to do with that witch’s disappearance.

  37. There have been strange sounds and oddly colored lights coming from the ancient fortress in the hills on that border of the northern desert. The baron sent a patrol a fortnight post and there's been no word from them.

  38. They say that if you cast a pure silver lure into Silverscale Lake at the correct phase of the moon you will be rewarded a hundredfold

  39. Recently someone set a tavern on fire in the capitol. Rumor has it this was the tavern that the thieves guild used as an upstairs cover for their underground HQ. The thieves guild is upset and frantically trying to figure out who the culprit was, and if it was a message of some kind. Any newcomers to the area are seen as suspicious.

  40. Death is always pictured as a hooded skeletal figure. But recently, those who have had near death experiences SWEAR they see a little girl beckoning to them...

  41. A new Goddess of beauty has been seen on the mythical island of Skothas. More and more people trying to make a pilgrimage there to get her blessing.

  42. Some dead are stealing the city's stone pathway every month and a half. I hear they are bringing them deep into the swamp and rebuilding the lich kings tower

  43. They Say that a fire tears through the forests of the tropical zone that cannot be quenched by rain, nor wind, nor sorcery.

  44. The lord of the city attended a diplomatic meeting in a rival city and has returned "different". Some people suspect that it's not actually him who returned.

  45. It’s harvest season and the local landowner hasn’t hired any of the locals to bring in his grain like he usually does. Winter is coming fast and no one’s seen the Baron in a while. I hope nothing’s happened to him…

  46. I heard that all of Farmer Rodhart's chickens that got their heads chopped off are still walking around, and that was 3 days ago

  47. The farmer at the next farm over is reporting that his potatoes are turning purple when harvested. They appear to be edible but none of us have risked trying them.

  48. Sailors say the journey to the Westerlys gets one day shorter every year.

  49. All the bees live in the walls of the old mill. Honey is dripping from the cracks in the boards.

  50. There hasn't been a birth here in two years and none of the gals are with child.

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