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Creating Sponsored Posts


The Dungeon Master Resources group on Facebook is a very active community with over 90,000 members. We have worked diligently over the years to limit posts to only those that foster the core mission of the group. The promotion of products and services is therefore severely restricted. Sponsored posts are our way of limiting the commercialization of the group.

A sponsored post must be posted by the admin. It will be posted as an Featured Post on the board for 4 days.

The post must include a benefit for the group in the form of giveaways. In general, we are looking for at least $100 worth of value to be given to randomly chosen members who respond to the post. You can ask they like and comment to qualify. You cannot ask that they share the post or take some action on a different site.

There is no fee for a sponsored post. If you want to spend money on promotion, Facebook ads can be highly effective.

For examples of previous posts, please search the group for "Sponsor Giveaway"

When you are ready, message the admin: Jerry Joe Seltzer

Jerry will work with you on refining your post and choosing a date for it.