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Fill your world with wondrous encounters that utilize every aspect of 5th Edition D&D.

This unique resource puts everything your need right before your eyes. Round by round instructions detail combats. Exciting challenges allow your players to use those long-neglected skill proficiencies. Take your storytelling to the next level with thrilling mid-battle twists, alternate encounter objectives, and meaningful resolutions. Unique level-appropriate rewards will boost the morale at your table. This collection includes 47 encounters to keep everyone entertained and engaged as they journey through your campaign world.


Traveling Encounters: Volume 2 is a 5-star rated book full of creative mid-level encounters. Each encounter contains unexpected twists and utilizes skill proficiencies that often get ignored. Each encounter is adjustable for parties from 5th to 9th level. 

Traveling Encounters volume 2 (PDF)

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