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Critical Codex is a tool used by DMs to add narrative and fun to every critical success and critical failure. Players expect something memorable to happen when a 1 or a 20 is rolled and the Critical Codex puts that power at the DM's fingertips. Every type of attack and proficiency is covered, along with special rolls like Initiative and Concentration checks.


Do you want to create unforgettable moments and keep your gaming group engaged?

I'm excited to announce Critical Codex – a tool decades in the making. If you’ve enjoyed my other books, you know that I build these tools to make my own job as a DM easier. I've refined the random tables in this book through countless campaigns with a wide variety of players. Now, I'm finally ready to share them with you!


Critical Codex features over 100 pages of cinematic successes and failures, designed to add a higher level of excitement and spontaneity to your D&D game. User-friendly tables for attacks, skills, and other rolls, make this book perfect for both new and experienced DMs. Let your players experience epic victories and hilarious blunders that will keep them talking about your game for weeks.


Quick and Easy Reference

I know you want to get to the relevant table quickly. That's why the contents of Critical Codex have been organized for fast and easy reference. The PDF has a hyperlinked table of contents and is bookmarked so you can get to the page you need in one click.


Every Type of Attack

Each type of attack has its own table for a clear and coherent result. Players can easily visualize the critical failure or success because it matches the weapon.


Skills and Sub-skills

In Critical Codex, you'll find every skill check you could possibly need, and some skills have multiple uses. For example, the Insight skill can be used generally to uncover unspoken information, or more specifically to determine if someone is being truthful. With dedicated critical tables for each use, Critical Codex allows you to explore the different applications of skills and enrich your gaming experience.


Written for Cinematic Effect

The carefully crafted tables in this book incorporate a broad range of results, utilizing many aspects of 5th edition D&D. These results are arranged from least to most desirable, meaning that the player's D12 roll has a significant impact on the outcome. Furthermore, they are designed to enhance the game's flavor, suspense, humor, and drama without detracting from the DM's own intentions.


Leave it to the Dice!

Critical successes and failures are an excellent way to enhance the immersive experience of the game. There are two reasons why using a book with pre-crafted tables is better than relying on the DM's creativity. Firstly, it eliminates predictable outcomes such as throwing away a weapon or falling down, which can become tedious. This takes the pressure off DMs, who already have a lot to consider during gameplay. Secondly, using tables and allowing the player to roll the D12 provides the DM with carefully crafted and creative results that improve the game and story. This way, the DM cannot be accused of arbitrarily narrating the actions of a player character and everyone enjoys the outcome!

Critical Codex (PDF)

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