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Two Legendary Games Combined!

Take all the best parts of D&D combat and chess and roll them into one game. It's a royal rumble of strategy and teamwork that your players will never forget!


Three ways to play:

Play as a Standalone Game

The game is incredibly fun on it's own. Players can choose from 7 pre-generated heroes and combine forces agains the DM. Regardless of anyone's skill level in chess, the game is always competitive and tense.

Play as a One-Shot

The rule book contains a detailed one-shot adventure. Players can build their own characters or choose a pre-generated one. The story involves multiple battles in tournament-style games, raising the stakes and the drama along the way.

Play as a Campaign Encounter

Insert the game into your existing campaign as an encounter or dungeon challenge. Player characters can be quickly and easily converted, regardless of level.


Game Play

By now you're probably wondering how D&D and chess could possibly be fused together without making a mess. Allow me to give you a very brief overview of the rules. Each player character replaces a white chess piece. The DM controls the black pieces and takes a turn after each player. The game plays very much like normal chess except when a player character interacts with a black chess piece. That's when dice are rolled and things like armor class and hit points come into play. It's exciting and unpredictable. Like most D&D encounters, if the players work together, they should be able to prevail over the bad guys.


The chess pieces operate normally. For example, the pawn can only move forward and can only attack diagonally forward. However, the player characters act much more like D&D characters, with actions, bonus actions, and movement.


Online Ready

This game is easy to play online on a VTT. You'll be provided with all the chess piece tokens, a game board map, and tokens for spell effects (Wall of Stone, Flaming Sphere, etc.)

Adventure Chess - D&D and Chess combined, game and one-shot

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