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This was my first book and now I'm giving it away. -Jerry

"As someone who struggles with making characters that fit within the backgrounds in the Players Handbook, this guide was exactly what I needed. The book opens with tips and options for how your character became what they are, and how/why the party was introduced- and from there is a detailed breakdown of possible new backgrounds, character traits/flaws to match, even new cantrips! These additions give new life to the current somewhat stale character choices, and I only wish it had existed before my current campaign! I bought two copies on the kickstarter and I highly recommend this to anyone wishing to add a bit more flavor to their characters. It's well worth it."

Alchemist • Athlete • Bartender • Blacksmith • Body Artist • Builder • Cartographer • Cook • Courtier • Dabbler • Drunkard • Equestrian • Executioner • Falconer • Farmer • Freak • Grave Robber • Highwayman • Hunter • Idiot Savant • Jester • Messenger • Miner • Prostitute • Ratcatcher • Reincarnation • Seer • Shepherd • Star-crossed • Stunner • Trapmaker • Watchman • Wench • Vagabond

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