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Unleash a night of laughter and suspense with Mimic Mayhem, set in a bustling frontier town at the heart of a mountain pass. This town, alive with the energy of new settlers, devout pilgrims, and greedy merchants, hides a bizarre secret beneath its booming growth: it's swarming with mimics!


As prosperity blinds the town to the vanishing townsfolk and the odd new "additions" to its streets, an early blizzard seals off the roads. Trapped, the characters face the chaos head-on, tasked with uncovering the truth behind the mimic infestation and saving the town from its naivety.


Tailored for Your Party

This adventure adapts not just to your story but to your party's level. Suitable for characters from 3rd to 13th level, "Mimic Mayhem" ensures a balanced experience. You set the level, and the monsters adjust to the appropriate CR, making it a perfect fit for any group. Use as a one-shot or drop into your existing campaign.


A Visual Feast for the Imaginative Mind

Loaded with images for player engagement, this adventure brings a unique twist with visual deception. From whimsical illustrations to detailed visuals that challenge perception, "Mimic Mayhem" is as much a treat for the eyes as it is for the imagination. Before engaging in battle, players are challenged to identify the hidden mimics. Those with a keen eye gain an advantage in the ensuing battles, adding a layer of strategy and interaction to the adventure.

Players are given 1 minute to pick three write down three things in the scene they think might be mimics.            


Illustrated Maps and Tokens for Online Play

If you play online or use a tabletop monitor, the illustrated battle maps will come in handy. Easily drop in the various illustrated maps and mimic tokens into your VTT games.

Mimic Mayhem: D&D's Funniest One-Shot

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