• Jerry Seltzer

Spelljammer launches with Spelljammer Academy

Fifth edition Spelljammer sets sail with a Star Trek inspired adventure.

A four-part adventure begins with the characters thrust into a holodeck-style battle simulation of an astral sea pirate encounter. After this brief melee, the characters remember they are trainees at SJA, the Spelljammer Academy, which is a benevolent organization set up to train space-faring heroes. They will learn the basics of astral travel, such as how air and gravity work in interplanetary space. They will even get to sit in a Spelljammer helm and fly simulations.

You can access this introductory scenario through the newly-acquired D&D Beyond via this link:

And after your players finish their education at the academy, you will want some astral encounters at the ready. Shipwrecks of the Astral Sea is a book of seven wrecked ships to explore. Each one is a unique mini-dungeon filled with history, danger, and intrigue. Each wreck is suitable as one-shot or as an interlude between destinations for your travelers.

This all comes as a prelude to the launch of D&D's Spelljammer campaign setting on August 16th.

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