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Chris Perkins and Jeremy Crawford Detail Two Playable Races For Spelljammer

Spelljammer game designers Chris Perkins and Jeremy Crawford explain how they fleshed out two races found in the Astral Sea. Since they have become playable races in 5e Spelljammer, these races can no longer come from two-dimensional cultures. They have been given depth and history, like other playable races, and tied into the D&D cosmology.

The Astral Elves

The elves who roam the astral plane have been immersed in a realm of thought for ages. As such, they have access to a type of hive mind, giving them access to skills which they have not earned. They also have some spell-like abilities that reflect their proximity to the gods themselves.

The Giff

The giff, like the astral elves, have been given a deeper lore and culture. These anthropomorphic hippos are without a god and lack any knowledge of their beginning. No doubt, a god of boom sticks is responsible for their birth because of their affinity and with fire arms and magical ability to supercharge them. We also know that the giff will remain very hippo-like big, heavy, strong, and good swimmers.

The Dungeons

This is still Dungeons and Dragons, right? So, you may be wondering where to find actual dungeons in the vast emptiness of space. Easy – shipwrecked vessels! Each shipwreck has a fascinating story to tell and they make fantastic mini-dungeons and one-shots.

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