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Traveling Encounters volume 1


Fill your world with wondrous encounters that utilize every aspect of 5th Edition D&D.

This unique resource puts everything your need right before your eyes. Round by round instructions detail combats. Exciting challenges allow your players to use those long-neglected skill proficiencies. Take your storytelling to the next level with thrilling mid-battle twists, alternate encounter objectives, and meaningful resolutions. Unique level-appropriate rewards will boost the morale at your table. This collection includes 47 encounters to keep everyone entertained and engaged as they journey through your campaign world.

An indispensable resource for every Dungeon Master!

Check out the hardcover book on Amazon

or the PDF on DriveThruRPG

Traveling Encounters volume 2


Compelling 5th edition challenges for CR6 to CR9

As they journey through your campaign world, your players meet fascinating characters and dangerous situations. Volume 2 of Traveling Encounters presents 42 new scenarios to make your game more exciting and more memorable than ever. These encounters unleash the full potential of your party's abilities, from their backgrounds and neglected skill proficiencies, to those class abilities and game mechanics that never seem to come up in normal play. The legends created from these pages will be told at your gaming table for decades.

Download digital maps and illustrations here<<<

Check out the hardcover book on Amazon

or the PDF on DriveThruRPG

UnFamiliar: Release the Tiny Beasts


5th Edition Playable Critters!

A newly discovered spell allows wizards to liberate their familiars as a reward for all their hard work over the years. These tiny beasts with magical spirits are now able to adventure side-by-side with the other races, equally! This book contains everything you need to play D&D as a former familiar. Included are all your favorite familiar species with over 40 animal races and subraces. Plus: new character classes, new backgrounds, and new feats, all designed specifically for UnFamiliar characters.

It's time to give your characters some teeth!

Check out the hardcover book on Amazon

or the PDF on DriveThruRPG

Call To Adventure


Expanded Compendium of Fifth Edition Backgrounds

The classic Hero’s Journey begins with humble beginnings. This meek and predictable life is what makes the next step, the call to adventure, so terrifying. The 13 backgrounds presented in D&D’s Player’s Handbook covered a lot of possible backstories, but the sense of humble beginnings was missing. What if there were another thirty or more backgrounds to choose from? What if each one had a uniqueness that added flavor and personality to your player character? What if your background wasn’t the thing you chose at the end of your character design, but was the life you were Called To Adventure from?

These new backgrounds are balanced evenly against the existing ones. The features that each one benefits from are minor boons but useful in everyday game play. Proficiencies gained and equipment are likewise included in the balancing to prevent power-gaming and to make the world’s greatest roleplaying game more fun for everyone.

Check out the hardcover book on Amazon

or the PDF on DriveThruRPG

Shipwrecks of the Astral Sea

Shipwrecks - cover - small.png

Spelljammers beware!

Wild Space and The Astral Sea are filled with countless mysteries to be discovered. Among them are Spelljammer vessels that met with disastrous fates.  These fascinating shipwrecks contain exciting new stories, monsters, treasures, and secrets. No crew in the multiverse would pass up a chance to explore them.

Every Character Level

No matter what your Spelljammer party's level, there are shipwrecks perfect for your campaign.  Each of the seven shipwrecks detailed in this book is appropriate for a span of three or four levels. Encounters are adjustable within that range so every crew can find a fitting challenge.

Story Driven Mysteries

Each dungeon tells a captivating tale. As characters explore the wreck, they uncover the story of what happened. What was the series of events and decisions that led to this tragedy? How can the PCs avoid making the same mistakes? The narrative keeps the players interested, capturing their imaginations and their emotions.

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